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We hope to use this space to have a discussion on the world of charities, cause marketing, and social enterprises. More specifically, how do they capture attention, when attention is so fragmented? How can important social causes use marketing to inspire the same way brands do? What are some examples that we can learn form along the way?

First, where did Chiefgood get its name. Aristotle, the greek philosopher, used the term “chief good” to describe how every individual has their own personal destiny, and it is in achieving this destiny which brings happiness. Like individuals, charities and non-profits are dedicated to fulfilling their own destiny. Each is made up of passionate people that care deeply about improving the lives of others and the world around them, without regard for individual gain. Each charity has their own chief good.

Our job here at Chiefgood is to honor the chief good’s of all these great organizations, give them a voice, and to inspire you to find your chief good. Follow us on to stay updated and hear other great stories from other organizations that are making a difference.

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