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We give thousands of charities an audience of millions

There are over 1 million charities in the U.S., yet only a select handful have the resources to advertise.  Is it any wonder that charitable giving hasn’t grown in over 40 years?  Chiefgood is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a voice to great causes using the power of digital advertising, regardless of size.  We do this by connecting nonprofits with volunteer designers to create digital ad campaigns, that Chiefgood delivers on ad space donated by web publishers.

We are a building a platform solely focused on helping nonprofits scale by harnessing the power of today’s advertising technology, a crowd sourced network of amazing designers, and the generous donation of web publishers.

We are a network of volunteers, passionate about putting advertising technology to work in solving social problems, and are convinced that all charities deserve a voice, not just the biggest.




Where did the Chiefgood name come from?

“If there is some end in the things we do, which we desire for its own sake, clearly this must be the chief good.”


Aristotle first used the phrase “chief good”, concluding that it is in the fulfilling of one’s own destiny which brings happiness. With each charity and champion of important causes we meet, we notice that each of them have their own passion that they’ve dedicated their lives to, their own chief good.  Our vision is to bring the story of each charity’s chief good to the masses. and voila.




The Chiefgood Story

For more details on Chiefgood, please check out the presentation below.

Chiefgood Intro from Ali Mirian

The Chiefgood Project

The mission of The Chiefgood Project is to give graphic design students valuable professional experience, while providing charities with much needed exposure. Students create campaigns that transform charities’ passion and dedication to solving social problems, into messages with impact. Chiefgood partnered with Pratt Institute on a social awareness course within their innovative Design Corps program, where students collaborate directly with the charities to create compelling digital ad campaigns.In partnership with Pratt and Design Corps Students work on real-world campaigns, build their portfolio, and do good along the way.

Pratt Design Corps

Check out their work:

Internet Week

Official Sponsor: Internet Week New York Festival 2015

We are excited to be an Official Sponsor of Internet Week New York 2015!

The Internet Week New York festival is an annual celebration of technology’s impact on business and culture. The 2015 festivities will take place May 18-24 and will attract business professionals, working across all sectors. 250+ events will be produced in the Internet Week Headquarter location and another 150+events organized by citywide event partners.



Along with Internet Week New York, Advertising Age, fiverr, and CREATIVITY, we are happy to join the presenters list for the Creative for a Cause contest.

The Creative for a Cause contest ran from March 25, 2015 – April 28, 2015. The contest was to design a transit ad for nonprofit Code/Interactive that will run on subway platforms in New York City. The winning designer will create online ads that we will run across featured publishers as well as the network of our sites.

We are proud to announce the featured publishers who have generously donated media to run the winning ads:

Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief

heifer-banner clear

Heifer International

Donate to Recovery in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew hit Heifer’s project families in Haiti hard. They need your help to rebuild their lives.

lide-banner clear


Lidè is an educational initiative in rural Haiti that uses the arts and literacy to empower at-risk adolescent girls and help them transition into school or vocational training.

unicef-banner clear


In times of disaster, children are the most vulnerable — UNICEF is ready to help children in need at a moment’s notice. Donate now to help UNICEF ensure rapid lifesaving action for children and families affected by this catastrophic storm.donate-now


The Red Cross

“The Haitian Red Cross has already deployed experienced teams across the country to deliver medical care, clean water, sanitation should the storm be as devastating as predicted,” said Ines Brill, IFRC country representative.


Volunteer Florida

The Volunteer Florida Foundation is a non-profit established as a direct support organization for Volunteer Florida. The Foundation raises funds to support Volunteer Florida’s programs, which put national service and volunteers to work in schools and communities across the state.donate-now


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